MSL: Decades-long Journey Led By Trust and Reliability
MSL: Decades-long Journey Led By Trust and Reliability

As the mobility market is growing rapidly at a larger scale, the needs of the automotive segment have become a challenge to fulfill. That's when MSL entered the scene and brought things back to the track.

MSL (Mobility Solutions Limited) has always been proactive in the swift changes occurring due to fast industrial growth. Its proactiveness enabled it to develop and supply reliable and quality solutions for a variety of industries, such as mobility and measurement instruments, under the government as well as leading private OEMs. MSL stands firmly behind the manufacturing industry and significantly contributes to meeting complex demands with ease. 

Mobility drives the world, and shared mobility is part and parcel of it. As per some reports, the shared mobility market size is expected to reach $1.79 trillion by 2027. Shared mobility solutions let billions of people reach their destinations in a hassle-free manner. MSL indirectly touches the lives of billions by bringing comfort and functionality to shared mobility solutions like railways and buses. Years of trust and reliability have emerged MSL as another name for innovating design, comfort, and functionality.

The beginning of the journey

MSL was incorporated in 1998 by the JCBL Group. Initially, MSL was established to manufacture ready-to-use components for a wide range of automotive products, such as buses and trains. After gaining more than 20 years of experience in various automotive markets, MSL has opened doors for new industrial solutions, including high-end measurement and control instruments. The significant milestones achieved during the two-decade-long journey and extensive infrastructure have enabled MSL to deliver complete customized solutions to a wide range of industries without any bar. 

A quest for excellence

In this long journey, MSL has achieved many milestones while coping with the industry's major challenges, but still, there is a lot to achieve yet. It's a never-ending journey that motivates it to become a market leader and a tier-1 supplier for a major portion of the market. MSL is now a global player making tremendous efforts as per its strong vision and mission to provide quality industrial solutions and develop an environment that encourages growth for innovative minds. 

Core competencies

MSL's success and achievements are backed by its profound core competencies. It leverages the collective strength that is derived from capabilities coming from all corners. The major role players are R&D, quality, infrastructure and highly skilled teams.  

Research & Development

Research is the building block of the complete Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC), and it is the major aspect that MSL considers. With an in-house R&D wing, MSL has dedicated teams for different products being developed at the facility. From reverse engineering to 3D-enabled prototyping and designing, a product idea crosses several checkpoints till it becomes a final product. Several inspection and testing checkpoints are there to ensure zero error.


Quality standards at MSL are acknowledged and certified by various national and international authorities. Strict quality control processes and professional teams of quality testing engineers have made MSL get various quality certifications, including EN 15085-2, IATF 16949 (Unit I), IATF 16949 (Unit II), and IRIS 22163:2017.


MSL's state-of-the-art infrastructure comprises advanced industrial machinery based on CNC and laser-centric technologies. The manufacturing unit at Lalru, Punjab, has more than 2,50,000 sq. Fts of the area that further has dedicated areas for a variety of manufacturing, assembling, and testing facilities. As MSL grows more while serving a long list of global clients, we have also initiated developing a new facility at the beginning of 2022. 

Skilled manpower

Top-notch talent with vast experience in the field is one of the pillars that hold the company's success. We have talented engineers that have experience in various aspects of the manufacturing industry, such as research and development, computer-aided design (CAD) and prototyping (2D and 3D modeling), complex machine operations, quality control, inspection & testing, etc.


Being an ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, IRIS:2017, ISO/TS 22163:2017, ISO 3834-2 and EN 15085-2 certified company, MSL is delivering promising quality through its broad manufacturing capabilities. The flexible approach results in customized solutions that make MSL a reliable name for clients all over the globe. High-end quality standards achieved with cost-effective processes are becoming a source of trust for the majority of MSL's clients. Contact us for any query related to our manufacturing solutions.