Our Projects: Full of Challenges, Accomplished With Efforts
Our Projects: Full of Challenges, Accomplished With Efforts

As a leading provider of mobility solutions, specializing in FRP/GRP products, sheet metal fabrication, railway, metro, and bus sub-assemblies & components, MSL is proud to share success stories and showcase expertise in delivering quality products for national and global projects.

At MSL, we take pride in our state-of-the-art infrastructure that enables us to deliver products with precision and excellence. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology, we have successfully completed numerous projects, both in India and around the world.

Our Projects

MSL (Mobility Solutions Limited) takes pride in its successful completion and delivery of products for prominent entities under different projects. These projects consisted of high quality products such as interior paneling, Modular toilet, Locomotive parts, Trough, Nose Cone, Furnishing of coach interiors, etc. Also, MSL provided LHB coach interiors for Indian Railways that included sidewalls, ceiling sheets, etc.

FRP/GRP (Railways)

Our expertise in manufacturing high-quality FRP/GRP products has been demonstrated in projects for ICF Chennai, MCF Raebareli, and RCF Kapurthala, among others. The projects with Indian Railways have been a testament to our dedication to quality and precision. In FRP locomotive rolling stock segment we have successfully delivered products to projects of global companies like Alstom and GE Transportation. In these global projects, MSL provided Toilet Enclosure With Door, Vestibule Doors, Battery Covers, Insulation Tie Rings, Sink, and Tie Baffle. 

FRP/GRP (Metro)


At MSL, we take immense pride in contributing to industrial growth with innovative mobility solutions. Our contribution to successful metro projects such as Sydney Metro, Chennai, Lucknow Metro, and Mumbai Metro are badges of pride for us. In Metro Rolling Stock projects MSL has successfully delivered Front mask, Exterior garnishing components, Driver desk, Cab fitting garnishing components, sidewalls, Gangways partition, interior panels, train set, etc. Apart from this, MSL has contributed to projects of Bombardier such as Talent II & Regio 2N. 

Sheet Metal (Indian Railways)


We have adhered to the highest industry standards, ensuring that the products we manufacture are reliable, durable, and meet the specific requirements of the railway industry. Our sheet metal fabrication capabilities enabled us to deliver products such as manufactured parts, entrance door, WTCC LHB non AC Coaches, Underframe, Roof complete LWS Coaches, End part Comp MEMU TC Coaches, Bogie Frame Arrangement, Side Wall, etc. to the different units of Indian Railways that consisted of ICF Chennai, MCF Raebareli, and RCF Kapurthala.  

Coach Interiors


We have also provided LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) coach interiors for Indian Railways, which included side walls and ceiling sheets, showcasing our commitment to delivering top-notch products. Our expertise in railway components has earned us a reputation for delivering products that are on-time, cost-effective, and of the highest quality.

Wide Product Range

Our product range is so wide due to the manufacturing capabilities that we have in different categories such as sheet metal, FRP/GRP, etc. From manufacturing windows, seats, doors, sidewalls, and other components for railway, metro, and bus projects, we have proven our commitment to delivering top-notch products that adhere to the highest industry standards. Our quality products are the outcome of our innovative approach and the latest advancements in mobility solutions. Our aim is to revolutionize industry with capabilities, expertise, and success in delivering mobility solutions that make a difference in the transportation industry.

Our Infrastructure, Our Strength!

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and skilled team have enabled us to manufacture and deliver a wide range of railway sub-assemblies and components, including interior paneling, modular toilets, locomotive parts, troughs, nose cones, and furnishing of coach interiors, among others. We continue to strive for excellence in all our endeavors, and look  forward to delivering many more successful projects for Indian Railways and other national and global clients in the future. Visit MSL’s website to know more about projects.